Rabu, Februari 18, 2009

i feel good ..

aku tidoqqqq awai malam tadi .. standard awai aku lepas tgk cite Intan jugak laa .. just cover 4 sakit pale.. (ptg tu dah telan penadol activefast 2 biji, tapi xleh lena sbb dok kat opis ..)
nau, i feel fresh maa ..

bersesuaian laa dgn tip owg santek arini kann ..

"Feel good about yourself. When you feel good, you look good. People are attracted to and feel comfortable with people who respect themselves. Liking yourself and respecting yourself doesn't mean you are conceited, it just shows others that you care about your body. A fun, light personality makes everyone comfortable. Be yourself, be warm to others, and feel great. Soon enough, others are bound to notice."

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